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Not long after Thanksgiving Day, Gary tested positive for Covid. I tested positive a week later, and about a week after that his 90-year-old uncle who lives in an adjoining apartment tested positive. So going into December was not a walk in the park for us. More like a climb up Mt. Everest. I'm exaggerating - but still - it kept me from thinking Christmas decorations and such. About a week or so before Christmas, I was feeling better and rushed out to do the last minute shopping. Still though, the only way you'd know it was Christmas in our house is the pile of gifts I had wrapped and sitting on a table.

Our candlelight church service was canceled due to an icy parking lot, so I watched a couple great services online.

It was cold. Really cold. I came to find out Bubbles loves frigid temps, which is fine. BUT. She also likes companionship and she will not go outside without an escort. You get the picture.

Christmas came together nicely and Bubbles has been a delight. She is still shy, but sweet when it comes to guests. She has one small problem. She leaks when she gets excited! And when my daughter Lindsey and granddaughters Summer and Rissi come - she leaks a lot!! She is crazy about them! I'm told she will likely grow out of this. Fingers crossed.

Bubbles was pretty much fully potty trained a week after we had her here... but still, that leaking.

I put together a nice box of baked goods and some of my sister's favorite things and shipped them USPS to the rehab center in Annapolis YESTERDAY and they are out for delivery already today. I am impressed! My sister suffered a stroke several months ago and is just now getting feeling and use back in her right side. She is making great progress, it just takes time. She is so patient and upbeat and has such a wonderful sense of humor. She just retired from teaching in June of this year and was preparing to move 'home'. If you think of it, say a prayer for her full recovery. I admire her perseverance so much.

I am still having trouble commenting on other blogs. It is so frustrating. Some, I can comment fine. Others, will not let me comment. FRUSTRATING.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I pray God brings good health, lots of love, and most importantly His mercy and grace in the true and perfect love of our Savior.

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