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There are tears sometimes

While we were waiting outside at the vets office yesterday, to be called in, I watched a mom walk out with her little girl. Mom was carrying a small paper bag. An all-too-familiar bag. She wore pain on her face. I watched as she drove away in her SUV, wiping her face with her hand. I wiped tears of my own.

When I picked up Gracie's ashes there, five months earlier, I wore that same pain. It's a feeling you never forget. A sad, sick feeling. I did not want Gracie to become ashes, yet I had nowhere or no-one to bury her. I will always be sad about that. And I will always be sad that she is gone.

But we have Bubbles now. And she is sweet. A distraction from that sadness that remains from losing my beautiful Gracie girl.

Bubbles is 8.2 lb. of happiness. When she came to us she was 5.5 lb. She is smart, fluffy, loves to be cuddled, and is a perfect angel.

Most of the time.

She had the last of her puppy shots yesterday and she was a very good patient.

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