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that nostalgic feeling

The wind howled and snow whipped icy flakes here and there. Those old windows in our four-room house shook like crazy and the cold air could be felt nicely, even through the thick plastic that was put there to keep the cold out, if we stood near the window and away from the pot belly stove that warmed our living room.

I was getting ready to go with my dad somewhere, but I can't quite remember where we were going. Probably to visit my grandma just about a mile away on the other side of town. My mom made sure I was wearing my coat and hat, and *gasp* my muff was draped around my neck and there in front of me to put my hands in to keep them warm.

I loved that muff. It was soft and warm.

And by the looks of this page from the 1962 Sears Wishbook, it cost $1.97, a great deal of money for my parents back then as they scraped to make ends meet.

The memory is just one of the many finely cut, treasured diamonds that I carry with me through my life journey.

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