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Mornings just are not good for our Gracie-girl. If she is not shaking, she is disoriented and it takes until well after lunch for her to get her bearings. When she is like this, I put her harness on and lead her. Otherwise she finds herself in a corner staring at the wall.

Another thing. We have surrounded our bed with tall suitcases, stands, etc. so she will not inadvertently jump (she actually tries to fly) off the bed in the middle of the night. We've already put our bed on the floor for her, but still it is a little high for her. Now though, she goes half way down the ramp and gets afraid, then tries jumping either over the side of the ramp or to the bottom. Ugh. Gracie, Gracie, Gracie! Needless to say, I usually do not rest well as I continually worry for her.

I know. I know. I should have never let her sleep in our bed with us to begin with. Well, that's water under the bridge. I will be hard pressed to take that luxury from her at this point.

Yesterday (Thanksgiving Day) she had a shaky morning. When we put her in the car for a little outing, she shook terribly and I considered taking her back inside. But, it was only a ten minute drive and by the time we got there and got her out of the car thankfully she had calmed. She loved smelling a new area and of course she had to push a dime sized poop out. Just enough to sit in and smear over her hind end. Thankfully, I had napkins in my car. But in cleaning her, that dime-sized poop managed to cover my bare hand. Thankfully, I had some Clorox wipes in the car too. Problem solved.

So amidst the chaos I have my son texting me, "We are going to stop by" and my daughter texting me, "are you home yet?" and my other son whose car was broke down waiting for us to deliver his dinner. So with one hand I held the phone and tried reading the texts while with the other hand the poop was waiting for husband to get me one of the Clorox Wipes... meanwhile a big fat bee was contemplating hitching a ride since the passenger door was hanging open. I was thankful when husband swiped it away and he didn't swipe it onto me.

The day before Thanksgiving I had picked up take-out dinners from a great restaurant. Thankful I did not have to cook. They didn't charge me enough, so I asked them to re-check the price and then I paid more. Fifty dollars more. Husband says - "something's wrong with you." LOL. He thinks I enjoy paying more.

The restaurant is a half-an-hour away. When I got the dinners home, I was missing a salad, a dessert, and a gravy. Maybe there is indeed something wrong with me. Ha!

We had a good day yesterday and a full house. Gracie, in her old age does not bark or try to intimidate guests anymore. She just smells their hand and walks away.


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