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Streets of gold

Fall is in the air. Am I the only one who gets the blues a bit as summer dies off and dead leaves begin covering the ground? Don't get me wrong. I love pumpkin spice candles and crisp, cool temperatures. But something inside of me is sad, too.

Autumn depicts the death of a season. I also think about other deaths—loved ones who are no longer here. Seasons of my life that have died. And with each season gone, a part of me dies with it.

Gracie turned 17 last year. And how appropriate that she was born at the beginning of her favorite time of year, autumn. What a wonderful blessing she was! I thank God for my time with her.

Our fall walks were the closest to a perfect moment this side of Heaven. I knew it then, and I remember it with clarity now. "It doesn't get any better than this," I would say.

How can beautiful moments dissolve into sad memories? Death has a way of stealing our happiness. But I am thankful because I have chosen to follow Jesus. God will defeat death one day. In His time. And He will make all things new.

I will see Gracie again. We will walk streets of gold, just as we did during our beautiful autumn walks. There will be no more tears. No more death or dying. Only life everlasting.

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