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spring whispers

I've tried to ignore winter. I simply concentrate first on holidays. There's Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Mission accomplished. Oh, did someone say winter has arrived?

Then, January swoops in, and the holidays are over. Darkness is upon us. Bedtime seems to be just minutes after makeup is applied for the day. The same dull routine is repeated day after day after day and I accept the blustery winds and the white snow that covers the ground but still, I try to ignore it.

The groundhog appears on February 2 and declares that spring is just around the corner. What corner? The groundhog needs to go into retirement for he is lying just the same as all other politicians.

March rolls around. And here we are just about a week or so before spring and there is still quite the chill in the air. I can see the ground though, and that is a good thing. Snow is melting slowly but at least it is melting.

I'm ready. How about you?

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