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Some Things that Make You go Hmmmmm...

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

1. People who drive alone yet wear a mask.

2. Medications that have child-proof caps. Allow me to address the elderly here - the kids are no longer in the house, so do senior citizens need childproof caps? Arthritic hands beg please bring back common sense. How about a choice? Child Proof vs. Elderly Friendly. Thank you.

3. Opening store merchandise

Scissors: check

Wire cutters: check

Packing Knife: check

Garbage bag: check.

Time and Patience: crickets.

*clears throat*

Time and Patience: more crickets.

Okay, lets just get on with it. Packaging. Why, oh why must we gear up for battle before opening a new purchase?

4. Understanding customer care. Increase the phone volume and the customer care voice is muffled. Decreasing the phone volume and the customer care voice is what? "I did not understand what you said." Pushing 1 for English more often than not gets an English hopeful-wannabe-maybe- oh, forget it. I do not understand. Click.


What do you see or hear that causes you pause and makes you go hmmmmmmmm?

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