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Shh I'm not really here

I'm not really hiding. I'm just taking a break from all the social media/drama/political correctness/craziness of it all. Besides that, my husband thinks I'm attracting way too much kindness and interaction from the opposite sex and so in the interest of maintaining a peaceful life with as little drama as possible I say, let me retract from being all social and everything and focus on my introverted self. I sometimes find marriage # 2 to be a repeat of marriage #1 in that I am hardly able to be 'myself' without some sort of 'jealousy' which is oftentimes referred to as 'interest' because jealousy is such a strong word. I refuse to go there again.

It's been about ten years since I deleted my first Facebook account - for what I believed to be the most ridiculous bout of 'interest' when a fellow classmate who happened to be a male liked a few of my posts. I hardly knew the guy and I certainly had no interest in knowing him better. *sigh*

There have been a couple of others. Absolutely no reason for concern, but still. If it causes conflict - I say - whatever!

Sometimes I am looked down upon because I want to spend time writing or blogging, working, etc. Yes, my hub seems a tad bit 'interested' that I would want to spend time with me.

He's a good guy, really. I love him dearly. He works hard and is very giving. He just has this control issue. I'm mostly passive, but at times it gets the best of me. So. Back to my original thought - I'm not hiding. Just resting.

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