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Senior Dog Woes

Today we did this *thing* for our senior dog, Gracie.

Sadly, a couple of months ago, she stopped sleeping on the bed with us. The bed hog has found that sleeping more independently is the way to go. My feelings are a little hurt. She will, however, storm the ramp and march over covers and body parts in the middle of the night in order to alarm us that we need to leave her outside to do *who knows what* a number of times during our slumber.

Since our bed is high and the fear of her falling off and injuring herself during her nighttime wake-up calls is real, we decided, while she was being groomed, it was time to remove our bed frame, lower the bed, and do some reconstruction on the ramp to make it shorter. Husband did most of the work. I watched. He was not in a good mood.

Her fall would be much less likely to injure her now, if she should fall.

It was our morning.

All Clean!

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