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Saved by His grace

We are sinners from the moment we are born. It is in our DNA to put ourselves above all else. It's all about me. We sin constantly without even knowing it.

But what about the way of life we choose? The lies we tell? The wrong choices we make defiantly without God? The path of self-destruction that not only hurts us but hurts others? The many we have likely turned away from God by our example of a careless, sinful, destructive life?

Most say, “I wouldn’t change a thing about my past, for it made me who I am today.” I feel the opposite.

I think about the people I hurt, including myself, and cringe at my life choices. None of us are perfect, and thank God for His grace! His grace is why I am who I am today. Not my life choices.

I wish I had made better choices - distanced myself from certain situations and people - lived more for God and less for myself.

Did my lost path make me who I am today? I don’t believe so. But God’s grace did. I could have ended up so very lost from the road I traveled. And quite honestly, through difficult situations from past sinful choices, I have felt lost.

But God.

His grace is sufficient for me. He has released me from my past and made today new.

Bad choices pull us away from a relationship with God. It’s a lonely place in this world without Him. So yes. If I could change my past and have walked more closely with God – making better choices, I WOULD!

But I can’t.

Today God reminds me of my past to make me more aware of decisions that I will make for my present. Sin has consequences. Shall I walk with God or continue in self justification?

Thank you, God, for Your loving grace. I am a work in progress.

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