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opening stuff can be hazardous to your health

I have had another blog for years. It started out as Gracie Owns Me. Gracie is my dog, in case you wonder. I had a lot of fun with that particular blog... and as the years passed and we grew older I changed the title to Growing Old With Gracie. I still post there. Gracie is still with us, fourteen years young. But as the new year began, I felt the need to go in a different direction and unleash some of this bottled-up oppression that has been building since I turned sixty-three years ago and discovered the world no longer needs or desires my presence. It's the little things that have convinced me of that.

People seem to look at you in a different way when you are older. Remember when you'd go to church and someone would say, "Oh I love that blouse on you!" or "Your hair looks great!" etc., etc? I've noticed a huge decline in compliments, and the magic age was sixty. It's okay though. I'm alright with that, really. It's actually the plastic that needs to be cut away from a package of batteries that is the real problem. Because of arthritis, I have in my hands, I have hurt myself multiple times just trying to open that one particular item. Items for purchase are not sixty-and-older friendly. They are hard to get into!!

This is a silly first post, but .... you get my drift!

Well, the day is young and I have a box of apple sauce that needs opening. If I start now I will have it opened by dinner.

Thanks for stopping by.

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