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not always trustworthy

I watched him be cute, tho a little scruffy from being inside of his burro for so long. Those beady eyes looked a little sleepy still. But he gave us some good news, that spunky lil’ rascal Phil. His proclamation is that spring will be here early this year. I’m good with that, really I am. If I could just believe the lying rodent!! He has given us false hope before. *sigh*

As I look out my window at the icy snow covering our ground I’m in no way encouraged, but glancing at my calendar I see spring is listed on my next page turn... so I’ll just hunker down, pour myself a cup of hot chocolate, turn on the Hallmark channel and make the best of it.

My dog says she’s looking for a place to pooh, but honestly, the way she’s been chasing rabbits lately - I think she’s trying to find that famous groundhog for a high-paw.

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