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life's trials

You know what it's like, when suddenly life gets to be a little too much and your coping skills are no longer coping skills but rather, are anxiety attacks. Yea, you know what I'm talking about!

Last week held a handful of anxiety triggers and as I prayed calm over my being I managed to hang on in spite of life's sidetracks that attempted to lead me away.

First of all, my sleep has been interrupted the past month or so by extreme pain and burning in my right eye... oh... say around 3 AM. I've tried every kind of drops imaginable, use very warm compresses on my eyes just before bed, purchased dry-eye masks and goggles, went to see a specialist, etc. to no avail. I'm beginning to think I just need to suck it up buttercup and enjoy my misery.

Okay, that was one thing.

Then there was my dog. An emergency vet visit had to happen because she was scooting miserably on the carpet as if there was something terribly wrong with her back end. It turned out that she needed her anal glands taken care of. Note: I did see her scoot a couple of times afterward. Ugh. Still, fingers crossed.

In other news, suddenly, my 7-year-old granddaughter developed a high fever, headache, and stiff neck. We were worried that it might be meningitis. It was freezing rain and foggy and just plain messy out that night at around bedtime when my daughter gave me the news of Summer's onset of stiff neck and headache. I wanted to go - but I had developed a bleep in my right eye that looked like a migraine was developing, plus I could not see to drive in the mess of night, plus what about Gracie? She would freak if we left her there alone (yes, she does that now that she is older). So Gary (hubby) played the hero, for which I am grateful, and he went and got his daughter and granddaughter, and off to the ER they went. I felt anxious!

They texted me throughout the night to keep me updated on Summer's status. No meningitis. The prognosis was strep. A shot followed and several days off school.

We never know when those anxiety triggers will pop up. Life can be unfolding just fine and then suddenly out of nowhere - a problem! And the problems usually come in groups.

Well, last week is over. Summer is well and back to school. Gracie has stopped scooting. And I am still working on the eye thing. But most of all, I pray. For peace amidst life's storms. I would like to think each episode of unrest is building my faith. I know God is sure working on me and probably shaking his head.

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