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Is anybody out there?

I just checked. I've been blogging for thirteen years! Has it really been that long? I left for a while - and then came back - so I have lost a lot of followers and friends who were faithful in commenting on my posts. BooHoo.

In those thirteen years, I've lost friends both furry 4-legged and humankind, when they either passed away or got bored with my content. Some drifted apart when politics reared its very ugly head and there were hard feelings, even though that's the last thing I would want. I've learned to stay quiet about such things unless I am asked for my opinion. A work in progress.


We can learn a lot in life if we pay attention.

Some of my blogging friends just dissolved from thin air, and that's sad. No closure. No idea of what happened. I have had so much fun in the past, sharing stories and lives with friends I have made on here and enjoying moments from their lives.

I'm older now, and not nearly as excited about life now that it is winding down... so creating posts is harder.. but I'm trying. Ha! So, here I am, doing what I love to do. Writing about nothing.

No more diapers for me! I'm on phase 2 of my heat cycle, which Mom says is not so messy. So. I am happy. Very happy. Can you see it in my eyessssssss....... ????

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