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I've always been that way. My whole life. I'd go to fast food and stand in line for the longest time; they'd look beyond me and say, "next..." and I would be quiet and patiently wait my turn and sometimes my turn would never come.

Being quiet and introverted has its perks though. I am never, I repeat... never bored! Waiting is not something new to me. I simply journey inside of myself and think of things I have done in the past or things that I can do in the future. I think. I pray. I rationalize. This may seem a bit unrealistic to that one who requires constant entertainment or a clipboard of fun to keep their minds occupied. To me, it's just... life.

So - our church had soup night last night. What is soup night, you ask? Well, several churchgoers bring their big crock pots filled with a variety of soups, rolls, bread, and desserts, and voila it is a get-together! My hub made his grammy's famous string bean soup and a couple of loaves of homemade bread. The bread was so good!! I'm not a fan of the soup, but many did partake and say it was good. I made my grandma's wonderful chocolate chip muffins (yes, from scratch). Sadly, my muffins came home untouched. Yes. Even my chocolate chip muffins are invisible.

Here's the thing. If just one person would have grabbed a muffin and partook, word would have spread and I likely would have had an empty container to bring home.

Oh well.

My children and grandchildren love my grammy's chocolate chip muffins and they will be savoring the delicious cakes in the next couple of days. So, my efforts are not in vain. I and my muffins will remain invisible and I'm okay with that.

Just because we are invisible to the world doesn't mean we have no worth. God brings the right people at the right time and the right circumstances at the right time and ... well, you get the picture. If you have God, you have everything you will ever need. And you will never, ever, ever be bored.

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