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holding a grudge? who, me?

I journal. A lot. I have dream journals because a lot of my dreams spill over into reality days later. My daily journal keeps me up to date on daily activities and thoughts and feelings as I can share them with the one entity that will love to listen and without judgment. The most important journal that I keep in my prayer journal. When I reflect and read past entries I am totally amazed at how God has worked in my life thus far!! He is Awesome, truly Awesome!

I will talk about each of these journals and maybe even share some entries as I go along. But right now my focus is on the daily entry made by me last year ... oh... about two weeks after Christmas was over. I wrote a letter to Xmas and one to Christmas as well. And boy, was I angry! Yea... I know, right? How can one be angry at a holiday or a date on a calendar? In my next post, I will share my entry and you will understand more of what I'm talking about.

I was surprised. By my revelation ... my discovering that I was truly 'holiday numb' last year. You see, this year I was 'holiday numb' but I thought it to be all new to me, this numbing - you're getting older and your grandkids are growing up and your kids are already grown and Santa isn't real and Christmas is just a lot of materialism and a lot of work - feeling of despair. But obviously, I did not get over my anger from last year. I have indeed held a grudge.

In my next post, I will spill the hate letter which I wrote to Xmas last year. I also have a more positive letter which I wrote to Christmas. Awww okay, I'll include that one as well.

For you see.... this year's holiday blah was a carry-over from last year. And now my goal for the new year is that Christmas 2019 be joyful, magical, exciting, and genuinely enjoyed.

So if the world still turns and my pulse is still detectible, Next year Christmas will be awesome!

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