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God's Whispers

2020's conclusion has left me empty.

I am cleared of metaphorical cache, built up and stored for so many years, hidden beneath the breaths of life. 2020 has done that to me.

I have cried, not for myself, but for our nation, my friends and family, and what seems like crushed hope. I see the progression of sin speeding and out of control.

I am guilty. We all are.

We have accepted the sins that have been made easily available to us throughout the years. You could say, no... not me. But you would be delusional. We all have.

But 2020 was good to me. I came out different and you should have as well. I am cleared of the useless cache of days gone by, and ready to start anew.

Lessons of 2020

* Guard your heart

* Pray

* Listen for God's whisper

* Be kind

* Give, give, give... and give some more.

* Do not judge another

* Pray for clarity

* Pray for peace

* Save emotional space for those who think like-minded. Be kind without clogging up your emotional space with others who will try to tell you how to think and feel and act. Trust your gut feeling and listen diligently for the whispers from God our Creator.

* Prepare

* Be thankful

* Be humble

* Be generous

* When the world seems to be falling apart, and all seems to be hopeless, look up.

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