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four years

There's something earth-shattering about losing a sibling. Fate whispers, ".... getting close...." in other words: "you could be next". And oh, the shared memories of growing up together that hurt so deeply when there is no longer that sibling to share them with! I can't pinpoint what made losing my brother Jimmy so much more painful than losing Mom and Dad many years ago. All I know is that it hurt.

I think of him often, though.

Our lives are built one memory at a time and Jim sure had a hand in placing lots of brick and mortar into this life of mine.

He was a good man with a good heart who, in the end, loved his dog more than life itself. I cherished that brother of mine!

Four years ago today I got the call; his spirit had been set free and his cancer stopped, finally. I will see him again, no more sorrow - no more pain. Four years. It seems like an eternity.

RIP Jim. Love you!

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