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Forever Young

There had never been a more cherished moment than when I held my babies and grandbabies in my arms until Gracie. The babies grew up, got attitudes, talked back, and moved away, starting their own life. The grandbabies, in like manner, grew to be pre-teens and teens, needing less and less of Grammy's attention.

Gracie started as a little ball of energy and mischievousness. But she was lovable, just like the kids were. The difference is that instead of growing away from me and needing her space, she grew nearer to me, desiring my presence in her life more than ever.

But then, she grew old.

I never knew love until I cared for my senior dog. Saying goodbye and letting go of this precious soul was almost as hard as watching her suffer.

Back to our Creator she went. She rests now in the arms of her first and foremost Master, after a measure of time in a world of decay, completing the assignment God had given her, teaching us about love, sacrifice, and giving back to God.

She is changed now and will be forever young.

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