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Bored, no way!

My husband whined recently about how dull our life is and how we never go anywhere or do anything and we are just two old people waiting to die. His feeling-sorry-for-himself peaked just before Christmas and in time to put together one of those photo/reflection/year-in-review books and have it delivered by the holiday. It's a huge book, thanks to Shutterfly's 70% off deal at the time, and it is filled with photos and captions, and reminders of our full, traveled, fun, happy year! Yes, he is a hardcore pessimist.

Granted, January and February were sit-in-front-of-the-television months, but once March rolled around we were ready to live again.

Easter was celebrated in Church followed by the mother of all easter egg hunts in our front yard. Every single one of our 6 grandchildren was there, coming from far away to join in the festivities.

In spring/Summer, we catered to our old girl Gracie (our cockapoo) by walking her often and including her in our trips to camp where we'd sit around the fire or just walk through the wooded paths and enjoy nature. One night we actually stayed! (Hoping for more overnights this year).

We celebrated birthdays and holidays and spent hot summer days swimming in our backyard pool.

In August the family got together for a vacation in Ocean City, Maryland where we basked in the sun, danced to live piano tunes in the lobby, and boat in the bay, went on treasure hunts, enjoyed boardwalk fun and dinners, and just spent quality family time together.

September brought our 16th anniversary to the surface and off we went to Amish country where we relished the quiet, serene life of the simple. Oh, but that's not all. While there we went to an awesome comedy program where each one of us/but separately was called up on stage to be made fools of. It was actually fun!! Also, we visited a drive-thru animal preserve and fed some pretty unique and hungry-looking beasts. Those three days were jam-packed with activities and shopping and good eats.

October we took our granddaughters to camp for a trick-or-treat night of shuffling through the dark wooded paths to camp residents waiting to give treats to all. Activities were too numerous to mention and we had a blast. Hubby and I dressed as old people on Halloween... no... I mean in-their-90's old! It was a riot!

Thanksgiving was special with a great place to eat and family.

December brought Christmas and all kinds of activities.

I could go on... but you get the drift. Some people look at the glass as half empty. My cup is full and running over!!

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