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beneath a smile

The pain of divorce travels through families like a lightning bolt causing lifetime damage to hearts that love. I can say that because I know. I am thankful that my mom and dad were together through thick and thin. They didn't have a perfect life and they argued, sure. Dad drank too much and mom nagged too much and so the story goes... But they loved one another and they stuck it out.

My kids did not have the pleasure and the peace of having their mom and dad together till death. I grew weary of trying to make things exactly the way I wanted them and so I bolted. Bailed. Left. Started anew. Decided I didn't want to work on it anymore. But that was many years ago.

Sadly, separation and divorce are too easy these days. So many tender hearts are hurt and continue to hurt through the tugging of those heartstrings. And we wonder, why such unrest in the world?

If we search hard enough, we can find the answer... hidden behind the smile and beneath uncontrollable tears.

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