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Since Gracie is gone from my life, things are so much easier. A real comforter covers my bed, and it looks good. I don't have to get up multiple times every night to care for her. There is no more cleaning up her messes, spending time meeting her needs, or purchasing new tools to help with her failing health. Supper is about me now, not her. I can eat an ear of corn on the cob and not need to feel rushed because of hungry eyes staring me down as she waits for her share.

My time is my own. I can write without interruption and come and go as I please. No disgusting dirty face that needs trimming or eye boogies crusted to her face needing cleaning off. I'm delighted I don't have to spend money every other month at the vet's office trying to keep her somewhat healthy. No grooming appointments are needed.

It can rain till the cows come home, and I don't care because I won't be out there getting soaked and sloshing around in it, holding my senior dog up so she won't fall in her poop. I no longer trip over mounds of rugs to keep her from bouncing off the walls.

Days of lifting her onto and off the couch are in the past. I worry about Gracie no longer. She 'has her wings' and has been set free.

Since Gracie is gone from my life, things are so much easier.


I am so alone.

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