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Shortly after Bubbles' first birthday, she showed signs of being in heat. Then, full-blown heat. Since she has had a bloody discharge, we've insisted she wear doggie diapers while in the house. Let me tell you, she is not a fan. However, she is such a sweet, loving, obedient dog. She does it humbly and without complaining.

During our God time (Bubbles and I), in my back room, while Bubbles was standing facing outside and looking out the window, neighbor dog (a big, black, adorable boxer) suddenly appeared with his nose against the window looking inside, nearly coming face to face with Bubbles. Oh, I wish I had my camera ready for that one!!

"No, Bubba, Bubbles cannot come out and play."

My mama said surgery is scheduled for September twelfth. I don't know what that is, but I hope it's fun.

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