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Stage Mist

BLINK: If Love Had a Face

 Released September 2021
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My Story

I have 2 special memories from childhood that I would like to share in this space. The first memory comes at about 12 years of age when my grandmother showed up on Christmas day with a bag full of six kids' gifts. We were poor, so things like a pair of gloves or a book of lifesavers were gifts I treasured. This particular year I received a hardbound book,  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. And so began my love of reading. 

Another treasured memory was the bi-weekly visit to my elementary school of the library on wheels, also known as The Book Mobile. I still remember the smell of those books inside that bus and the thrill of it all - the people and places and adventures that lived inside the hardcovers lining the walls- as I pondered over which ones to choose to take home with me for the next two weeks.


And now, because of my recent retirement from a real job, I can spend time creating stories for others to enjoy. God gives us all gifts, and I am so thankful for authors who share their stories of adventure, life, and knowledge. And now, how grateful I am that God has given me this time that I can share mine. Blessings!

Chambray Blue

My Books

BLINK: If Love Had a Face
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The House

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for Rissi and Summer
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parental alienation

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